Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities:
Closing the Achievement Gaps

This 27 minute video is designed for use by school staff who are considering Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) or who are currently using PLCs. The video follows a school as they implement PLCs. Their PLCs focus on examining data and reviewing student work.

The information is then used to improve instruction and raise student achievement. The NEA Keys to Excellence for Your Schools (KEYS) survey is introduced as a way to evaluate school climate as it relates to student achievement. Elements of effective peer coaching are demonstrated during the video and the discussion questions guide viewers to evaluate how to use the information from the video in their own school.

The video (DVD format) can be ordered for $19.95 by sending check or purchase order to MNEA Teaching & Learning, 1810 East Elm St., Jefferson City, MO 65101. Contact MNEA Teaching & Learning director Ann Jarrett at 800-392-0236 if you have questions.

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