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Educators in Support of Public Education is a Political Action Committee that Missouri NEA participates in. It often supports work we do in coalition with other like-minded organizations and contributors. The funds are used in strategic and targeted political battles that support MNEA’s Legislative Platform and positions.

Elected officials make decisions that translate into regulations for schools and classrooms, including smaller class sizes, full-time kindergarten, pre-school screenings, school-safety measures, professional development and ample funding for programs. 

Members as well as non-members can contribute to ESPE. This has allowed us to make our voice even louder on specific issues. Use the online form below to set up a one-time or recurring contribution for ESPE. You may also choose to send a check to:
Missouri NEA
Attn: Sandy Smith
1810 E Elm Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Please make the check payable to "Missouri NEA" and in the memo line of your check, write the name of the fund (ESPE). Also, include your full name, address, employer, and occupation if this information is not already provided on your check.

If you have any questions, contact MNEA Political Director Liz Zerr ( or MNEA Administrative Assistant Sandy Smith ( at (573) 644-9608.

Contribution Form

Complete the form below to either set up a one-time or continuous contribution to the ESPE Fund. 


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